Dr Cleo Yeh
Mar 12, 2022

March 12th is World Glaucoma Day 2022

March 12th is World Glaucoma Day 2022

Glaucoma is a scary disease due to the fact that there are no symptoms before your vision is lost! This terrifying disease is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, and the best way to prevent your own vision being lost is simply having regular eye exams done by your eye doctor.

What exactly are the specifics of glaucoma?

Well, there’s two main types:

1. primary open-angle glaucoma

2. and angle-closure glaucoma.

Both occur when there’s an increase of pressure (increase of intraocular pressure) inside the eye! Those two, plus normal tension glaucoma is what is considered primary glaucoma. Secondary glaucoma however, is when other eye-related diseases cause increased eye pressure which contributes to optic nerve damage.

Glaucoma is generally considered a slow-progressing disease of the eye. In the most common form of glaucoma, primary open-angle glaucoma, damage to the retinal cells occurs quite slowly. Untreated glaucoma can progress to blindness within several years.

So, for us the best treatment is prevention and the eye doctors here at Sigma Eyecare are here to help!

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