30 ml

Bi-Oh! cleaning solution is a unique biotechnological formula. Its enzyme technology dissolves oils and grease using hydrolysis. Recommend for all types of optical surfaces.

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Bi-Oh! Eyewear Cleaning solution - Back of Package
Bi-Oh! Eyewear Cleaning solution - Bottle

Naturally Clean with Advanced Green Technology

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. pH Neutral
  3. No VOCs
  4. Alcohol-free
  5. Scent-free
  6. Eliminates grease build-up
  7. Solvent-free
  8. biodegradable
  9. Does not dry skin
  10. Safe for biodiversity and aquatic life
  11. Helps you maintain a healthy environment at work and at home

Resealable pouch that contains a high-density 7" x 7" microfibre cloth with straight edges and round corners and a 30 ml spray bottle of the Bi-Oh! cleaning solution.


Ronor innovates in all spheres of the company, whether it be products, packaging, communications, purchasing and working methods. While we are aware that there is still much to be done to leave a sustainable planet to our children, we believe the important thing is to take concrete action. Whether it’s Bi-Oh! a solvent-free and completely biodegradable enzymatic cleaning solution, with easily reusable and recyclable materials, or working methods minimizing our environmental impact, we encourage daily actions to preserve our future.